5 Fun Facts about the U.S. Trucking Industry


As a seasoned truck driver, you may think you know everything about the trucking industry. However, don’t be too confident. Here are 5 fun facts you may not have known about the U.S. Trucking Industry.

5 Fun Trucking Facts

  • 1 out of every 14 jobs in the U.S. is created or directly affected by the trucking industry
  • The U.S. trucking industry comes about 50 billion gallons of gasoline every year. This is nearly 13 percent of the country’s total fuel consumption
  • Trucks need 40 percent more time to stop than cars
  • It would take 60 of today’s clean-diesel truck to generate the exhaust emissions of one truck from 1988
  • Charles Frehauf invented the first tractor-trailer in 1914, when a customer wanted a vehicle that could haul a boat

The Worst Cities for Truck Drivers


Traffic-chocked cities are unavoidable for most truckers. Although every city has traffic jams from time to time, some towns are more notorious for bad traffic than others. Here are the 10 cities with the worst traffic, according to navigation equipment manufacturer TomTom.

Cities with the Worst Traffic

  1. Los Angeles
  2. San Francisco
  3. Honolulu
  4. New York City
  5. Seattle
  6. San Jose, CA
  7. Miami
  8. Chicago
  9. Washington, D.C.
  10. Portland, OR

The Cheapest Gas Stations in Every U.S. State


One of the biggest expenses truckers face in gas. It’s what makes the wheels spin and the hauls delivered. Although gas is an absolute necessity, no one wants to overpay for it. Every gas station handles a different price, which makes filling up at one chain more financially beneficial than the other. So if you’re looking to cut your gas bill, look no further. Here’s a list of the cheapest gas stations in every state.

Alabama: Sam’s Club

Alaska: Fred Meyer

Arizona: Costco Wholesale

Arkansas: Kroger

California: Costco Wholesale

Colorado: Bradley

Connecticut: BJ’s Gas

Delaware: Royal Farms

Florida: Costco Wholesale

Georgia: Costco Wholesale

Hawaii: Tesoro

Idaho: Fred Meyer

Illinois: Costco Wholesale

Indiana: Sam’s Club

Iowa: QuickTrip

Kansas: Sam’s Club

Kentucky: Murphy Express

Louisiana: Murphy USA

Maine: Circle K

Maryland: BJ’s Gas

Massachusetts: BJ’s Gas

Michigan: Costco Wholesale

Minnesota: Sam’s Club

Mississippi: Murphy USA

Missouri: Sam’s Club

Montana: Town Pump

Nebraska: Kwik Shop

Nevada: ARCO

New Hampshire: Speedway

New Jersey: Costco Wholesale

New Mexico: Murphy Express

New York: BJ’s Gas

North Carolina: BJ’s Gas

North Dakota: Petro Serve USA

Ohio: Costco Wholesale

Oklahoma: 7-Eleven

Oregon: Costco Wholesale

Pennsylvania: BJ’s Gas

Rhode Island: Speedway

South Carolina: Sam’s Club

South Dakota: Common Cents

Tennessee: Sam’s Club

Texas: Costco Wholesale

Utah: Costco Wholesale

Vermont: Mobil

Virginia: Costco Wholesale

Washington: Costco Wholesale

West Virginia: Kroger

Wisconsin: PDQ Food Stores

Wyoming: Maverik

Costco Wholesale is the big overall winner with the cheapest gas in 13 states. Sam’s Club comes in at second place with the cheapest offerings in 7 states. BJ’s Gas is a close third with the cheapest gas in 6 states.

Five Podcasts all Truck Drivers Need to Listen To


Podcasts are a great alternative to throwing on your usual playlist or popping the same CD in the player every day. These are terrific tools for truck drivers, with the extra bonus that as you’re doing your job, you are learning more about the ins and outs of your profession. Radio shows are great, but the advantage of podcasts is that you can choose what you want to listen to, they’re free and downloadable, and you can listen to them while you’re driving, which means you can plug in and listen on the go!

Let’s Truck

With more than 320 episodes, this podcast produces new content multiple times each week. Let’s Truck with host Kevin Rutherford offers trucking news, advice and commentary on the business, finance and political topics pertaining to the trucking industry. Many podcasts are just a few minutes in length, making this a great podcast to consume during a short break or lunch period.

Ask the Trucker LIVE with Allen Smith

With more than 230 podcasts to choose from as well as live shows, veteran blogger and truck driver Allen Smith focuses on driver health, career tips, driving regulations, and the other important issues facing the trucking industry. One of the top names in the industry, you can’t go wrong with this podcast.

Trucker Dump

This is a great podcast for truckers and trucking industry professionals who want to be entertained as well as educated. With topics like “Stupid Rules That Truckers Tolerate” and “Coping with Rookie Truckers,” Trucker Dump offers humor and insights on just about anything in the trucking industry

Red Eye Radio

This trucking podcast, hosted by Gary McNamara and Eric Harley, targets long haul trucks and syndicates overnight for drivers who are on the road past dark. This is the longest running syndicated radio show that focuses solely on the needs of truckers. They have a live radio show as well as hundreds of podcasts that can offer hours of entertainment for individuals on the road.

Trucking Podcast

The title of the Trucking Podcast seems like it would be pretty straight forward, but these can include everything from rat-rods, muscle cars, F150s and nearly any other automotive-focused topic that can be delivered in a family-friendly way. Headed up by Buck Ballard and his son, Don, who are both truckers, the Trucking Podcast covers a gamut of topics that they think are interesting to truckers.

Driving Distracted Means Driving Deadly


In a technology driven world, it’s easy to get distracted by texts, calls, social media, etc. — especially if you’ve been on the road for a few hours. But, messing with technology while operating a vehicle is one of the most dangerous ways to pass your time. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you’re also putting everyone else on the road at risk.

Don’t be just another statistic! Check out these interesting facts about distracted driving to put the dangers in perspective:

Transflo ELD Makes Logging Easier for Truckers


Transflo ELD system is an engine-connection device that helps independent drivers and small fleet owners register and manage logs. Transflo has partnered with Geolab, a company that specializes in GPS vehicle tracking devices and fleet management software. The new ELD device will allow small trucking companies to manage common workday activities. Truckers can even check their statuses via mobile or tablet!

For more information on what it is and where to find it, check out Overdrive’s article.

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution on the Road


Being a trucker means making a lot of changes to your lifestyle–some good, some not so much. When the ball drops this year, don’t be that guy who breaks his New Year’s Resolution just weeks after making it. Instead, follow these tips so that you can keep your resolution even if you’re on the road.

  1. Make a specific goal. When you are setting your goal, make sure it’s something that is quantifiable. Rather than just saying you will eat less bread, for example, say that you will only eat one bread item per day. That way, you are able to measure your progress and know exactly whether or not you’re on track.
  2. Write it down as a daily reminder. Your truck has tons of wall space, so use it! Stick your goal in different places of your truck so you never have the opportunity to forget it. This daily reminder will keep your goal in the back of your mind throughout your entire trip.
  3. Talk about it. Tell someone else about your goal so you can hold yourself accountable. By talking about it with other people, you will be able to work through your goal together and show them the progress you’ve made.
  4. Avoid weaknesses. Avoid putting yourself in situations where you will break your goal. In other words, if your goal is to drink less alcohol, then stay away from eating at pubs.
  5. Reward yourself. Rewarding yourself doesn’t mean breaking your goal after coming so far to keep it. Instead, reward yourself with something nice that could supplement similarly. If you’re giving up desserts, then reward yourself by buying a new shirt, for example.


Cut the Carbon Pollution!


We’ve been hearing about the dangers of global warming for years. But, now we’re making strides to reduce carbon emissions from trucks, buses, and vans. This three part initiative should reduce carbon pollution by 25 percent by 2027.

Not only will these new standards reduce pollution, but they will also save vehicle owners billions of dollars in fuel costs. By using a few different technologies, trucking companies will think diesel a thing of the past. Most notably, we will see a move toward electric vehicles. The EPA is especially thrilled with these new fuel-efficiency standards. Between 2021 and 2027, there will be new fuel-efficiency standards applied yearly to vehicles with models between 2014 and 2018.

Diesel Prices Drop, Drop, Dropping


Truckers breathe a sigh of relief as they see the numbers on signs at truck stops go down. From last month, diesel prices went down $0.03 and will continue to drop. This time last year, diesel prices were $0.30 more than they are now! Finally, driving is less expensive and less stressful. Taxes play a huge part in the price of oil. So, as the tax price goes down, so does the price to fill up your tank.

Check out the numbers on these graphs to see how much we pay for oil with each fill-up.