The Cheapest Gas Stations in Every U.S. State

One of the biggest expenses truckers face in gas. It’s what makes the wheels spin and the hauls delivered. Although gas is an absolute necessity, no one wants to overpay for it. Every gas station handles a different price, which makes filling up at one chain more financially beneficial than the other. So if you’re looking to cut your gas bill, look no further. Here’s a list of the cheapest gas stations in every state.

Alabama: Sam’s Club

Alaska: Fred Meyer

Arizona: Costco Wholesale

Arkansas: Kroger

California: Costco Wholesale

Colorado: Bradley

Connecticut: BJ’s Gas

Delaware: Royal Farms

Florida: Costco Wholesale

Georgia: Costco Wholesale

Hawaii: Tesoro

Idaho: Fred Meyer

Illinois: Costco Wholesale

Indiana: Sam’s Club

Iowa: QuickTrip

Kansas: Sam’s Club

Kentucky: Murphy Express

Louisiana: Murphy USA

Maine: Circle K

Maryland: BJ’s Gas

Massachusetts: BJ’s Gas

Michigan: Costco Wholesale

Minnesota: Sam’s Club

Mississippi: Murphy USA

Missouri: Sam’s Club

Montana: Town Pump

Nebraska: Kwik Shop

Nevada: ARCO

New Hampshire: Speedway

New Jersey: Costco Wholesale

New Mexico: Murphy Express

New York: BJ’s Gas

North Carolina: BJ’s Gas

North Dakota: Petro Serve USA

Ohio: Costco Wholesale

Oklahoma: 7-Eleven

Oregon: Costco Wholesale

Pennsylvania: BJ’s Gas

Rhode Island: Speedway

South Carolina: Sam’s Club

South Dakota: Common Cents

Tennessee: Sam’s Club

Texas: Costco Wholesale

Utah: Costco Wholesale

Vermont: Mobil

Virginia: Costco Wholesale

Washington: Costco Wholesale

West Virginia: Kroger

Wisconsin: PDQ Food Stores

Wyoming: Maverik

Costco Wholesale is the big overall winner with the cheapest gas in 13 states. Sam’s Club comes in at second place with the cheapest offerings in 7 states. BJ’s Gas is a close third with the cheapest gas in 6 states.